Ramzan Festival In Sri Lanka

Ramzan Festival is celebrated by people who follow Islamic Relegion. It is celebrated to mark the end of the fasting period which they oblige during the month of Ramzan, the tenth month of Islamic calendar. During the month the followers are not allowed to eat or drink from their first prayer of the day and till sunset. In Sri Lanka Muslims have to starve for about 18 hours. This may change according to country’s whether condition. Also they have to devote their soul to prayer and meditation. Further the festival is only announced when the first crescent moon is spectacled. In Sri Lanka the announcement is done by the Grand Mosque which is situated in Colombo 12.

On the day of Ramzan festival all the Muslims take a bath with reciting special recitals, wear new and modest clothes and hurry to mosques to do their special prayer for the day of festival. But it is compulsory to have may it be at least a date before doing the particular prayer. In Sri Lanka it is very much special to gather in the Galle Face Green to do the special prayer. At the same time each Muslim individual is obliged to donate food or money, which such donation is called “Fithra” before the sun sets on the day of festival. After the prayers people start to greet their family members, neighbours and they visit their friends and relatives to greet them. This particular greeting is called “Giving Salaam” and by doing so one wish the other to be blessed by god Allah.

At homes ladies prepare special lunch and “Watalappan” is the very special desert on Ramzan festival. Muslims share their food with Non Muslims and share their joy with them. But at the same time in Sri Lanka as well as other countries, there have been people who didn’t have anything or at least a date to break fast during the month of Ramzan. Also they didn’t have a single piece of new clothes to wear on the day of festival. The main purpose of fasting is to experience and understand the hunger of a poor. People who have more than what they need, should try to fulfill the basic needs of an individual who has no way to be provided with basic needs.

We are provided with lots of things all over by god Allah. Unfortunately it is not spread fairly. Being human beings it is our duty share and spread it all over for the sake of Allah.