Galle Face

Galle face is a place which is a five hectare land between Galle Road and the Indian Ocean. The Galle Face gets the pride to be the largest open space in Colombo. It is a place where we can view the Sunset very clearly. The destination had been much larger in the old days than the present. It had been used for horse races, rugby matches, golf, cricket matches, polo and foot ball matches. The place is much attracted by children, vendors, teenagers, lovers, kite flyers and especially to people who love calm nature. People who live in Colombo and who wish to spend sometimes alone under the sky would always prefer Galle Face. In the morning the Galle Face green is filled with joggers, yoga students and also army cadets. The fresh air, the open sky and the fresh green grass help the above mentioned categories a lot to fulfil their purposes heartily. During weekends the place is dominated by families and especially children. Whoever visits Galle face would never return without damping their legs in the sea water. Children find damping their legs in the water very enjoyable. Teenage and young adult boys enjoy by swimming against the waves. Also half of the crowd wish to wander horizon at the time of sunset, playing children and also swimming boys. Galle face is much suitable for kite flyers because the wind helps to fly their kites high in the sky and it brings joy to flyers as well as to people who watch it.

The Galle Face is a place people can speak very frankly and take certain decisions. Vendors those who sell snacks, toys, ice cream, food items, kites and bubble liquids earn a very good income. It had been a very good tourist destination from the beginning. Recently the Galle face green was modified to attract more tourists. Even during night time the Galle Face is visited by some people who are practised to do so. Even some boys prefer this place to give treat or celebrate their happy moments with friends. Galle Face is a location which will never lose its dignity, exquisiteness, mediterranean and elegance.