Professor Ediriweera Sarachchandra

Late Professor Ediriweera Sarathchandra, who born a century ago, has been the most significant, outstanding and the remarkable figure in the modern theoretical world of drama in Sri Lanka.

Having obtained a decent and professional education from local universities as well as some foreign universities, he entered the profession of teaching, and the very first school of his service was St. Peters College, Colombo. After a memorable service, and making a remarkable change in his profession, he joined the administrative staff in Lake House, a pioneer in the publishing industry in Sri Lanka.

The journey started as an administrative staff continued for several other professions in other areas including university lecturing, civil service etc. Showing his expertise in art, prof. Sarathchandra entered the industry of producing drama. He produced his first stylist play naming Maname in 1956 and then Singhabahu, which are considered and rewarded to be his best ever productions in the field of drama. It is believed that prof. Sarathchandra is the one who transited the folk drama culture in Sri Lanka to the modern theatrical drama format. And the immense service he did for the drama is eternal.

By working as the sub-editor for the Sinhala Dictionary, prof. Sarathchandra has done a massive service for the entire community. Prof. Sarathchandra served the country not only as a teacher and a drama producer but at the end as an ambassador too for the country. He became the Sri Lankan Ambassador for France during 1974-1977 period.