Benifits Of Coconut Water

Coconut tree is a tree of which you don’t waste even a piece of it without using. As the resources of a coconut tree such as: branches, fruit and etc, are being consumed coconut tree is also called as “Kapruka”. Coconut tree is a tree which is used by Sri Lankans from ancient times to satisfy their routine needs. At the same time coconut is a food which is consumed daily. Mostly coconut is consumed as coconut milk. It is practised to throw away the coconut water when we take coconut milk. But if you are aware of the benefits of coconut water you wouldn’t have wasted the coconut water. Because coconut water is helpful in many ways to human well being and it has so many nutrition. In the mean time coconut water is the cleanest drink in the world.

1. Controls body weight

research done by Yaley University of America. Through this, people can reduce eating sweet and can be prevented from diabetes and other related deceases.

2. Helps to stay young

It is found that drinking coconut water reduces the willingness to eat sweet by a As we all like to stay young and like to be looked young, we use various cream items and medicine to protect the young look. According to scientists’ findings it is said that the young look can be protected by drinking coconut water. As coconut water has a hormone called Cytokinin which helps to keep us look young it protects the young look. So by drinking coconut water the young look can be protected without any side effects.

3. Prevents cancer

prevent cancer. Also coconut water has the capacity of protecting people from deceases(immunization), because it has the quality of anti-oxidizing.

4. Helps to protect kidney and controls creating stones in bladder

creating stones in bladder. For the doctors’ experiment patients who have stones in bladder have been used and had been given coconut water to drink. At the end of the experiment the stones had been broken into small pieces by drinking coconut water. According to the doctors’ conclusion it is said that coconut water is a magical drink which helps to prevent creating stones in bladder and cures deceases caused in kidney.

5. Controls heart deceases and high blood pressure

pressure. As Vitamin C, potassium and magnesium are included in coconut water, high blood pressure is controlled and through that heart deceases also can be controlled. the risk of being a victim of high blood pressure and heart deceases. Scientists have found that the cytokinin hormone has the capacity to decrease or Doctors of Philippines have found the coconut water has the capacity of preventing According to doctors’ opinion coconut water has the capacity to control high blood Doctors suggest that drinking two cups of fresh coconut water per day helps to reduce